Shine Armor Crisp+ Ceramic Glass Cleaner

    Shine Armor Crisp+ Ceramic Glass Cleaner

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      Crisp+ is a modern glass cleaner that contains the same active in topical glass sealants to create a combination of cleaning and protection. Repeated usage of Crisp+ will result in easier subsequent cleanings and leaves the glass slick and smooth. Does not contain ammonia or other corrosive surfactants.

      • Just spray, wipe and lightly buff to a water-repelling shine

      • It’s a glass cleaner, first and foremost. But it’s easy to use, no streaks, and has great cleaning ability

      • The PLUS (+) means its infused with SI02 and has the same properties 

      • Your windows will even get some hydrophobic abilities PLUS some protection while you use it due to this SI02 addition

      • You can coat your glass with nano glass, and the Crisp+ is going to work in harmony with it and even replenish it a little bit.

      The windows on your car are obviously incredibly important. You need them to be as clean as possible at all times for the gorgeous aesthetics as well as your safety as a driver. But you might find yourself asking, should you clean your windows with glass cleaner? Or protect them with a hydro-phobic, shield-type product?

      That’s why we made Crisp+ Ceramic Glass Cleaner, a two-in-one cleaner and protection product, so you can get the best of both worlds and have the cleanest windows possible.

      Just spray on the formula using our optimized nozzle design, wipe the cleaner across the glass to ensure full coverage, and lightly buff the area.

      The cleaner elements within Crisp+ will leave your windows nearly invisible and streak-free. The “+” is the protection your windows get.

      We use the same active ingredients in topical glass sealants to provide a layer of protection unmatched by rival products. The integration of silicon dioxide, or Si02, gives your windows a strong outer shield with a hardness level of 9H. That’s as hard as they come.

      And don’t worry, we only use the best materials in our Crisp+ product. No corrosive ammonia or damaging chemicals to worry about.

      Having clean windows is no joke; that’s why we created the most serious cleaner and protection. The Si02 means that rain, dirt, dust, and anything else you can think of will bounce right off.

      We don’t want you driving in the rain, unable to see. And you don’t want dirt collecting on any of your windows for someone to write “Wash Me!” on with their fingers.

      Crisp+ Ceramic Glass Cleaner makes cleaning and protecting your windows quick and easy. Not to mention our advanced formula lasts a couple of months, and the more you use it, the stronger your windows get.



      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester


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